Aveva Edge SCADA

AVEVA Edge is a highly scalable, flexible software that provides the tools for everything from advanced HMI/SCADA applications to small-footprint embedded applications. The rich feature set enables users to create intuitive, secure, and highly maintainable HMI/SCADA applications for any industry.

It is feasible to create HMI and SCADA applications in a single development environment for deployment everywhere by putting an emphasis on interoperability, mobility, and portability.


With direct interaction with the AVEVA portfolio and a platform-neutral environment, interoperability in AVEVA Edge makes it simple to combine hardware and data sources from virtually any vendor.


Your AVEVA Edge applications are accessible from almost any device. It is feasible to monitor and manage your SCADA or HMI application from smartphones, tablets, panel PCs, and more thanks to HTML5-based online publishing and runtimes for Windows and Linux.


With AVEVA Edge runtimes available for Windows or Linux, deployment is simple. Once your application is created, you may deploy it to PCs, industrial computers, Linux-based edge devices, and more.